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Why Evergreen Dental is the best choice?

Professional dental clinic

Dental tourism has become a very common practice in recent years. Over the past decade, flight and hotel prices have also fallen dramatically, making travel more affordable to everyone. As a direct consequence, services are now available over longer distances and a trip abroad can be combined with, for example, a medical treatment.

Hungary is a top destination for medical tourism, not only for Europeans but also for patients from other continents. In particular, dental treatments are among the most frequently chosen treatments, as patients are not confined to bed for several days in a row and can also enjoy sightseeing. In addition, Hungary has lower prices for medical treatments compared to Western European countries, and the quality of treatments and the professionalism of doctors are among the highest in the world.

When looking for a dental clinic, a number of criteria need to be considered and analyzed, which can increase the time to treatment and, in some urgent cases, make things worse. However, Evergreen Dental offers solutions not only for dental treatment, but also for other solutions such as travel planning, hospitality, etc.

Evergreen Dental is one of the best dental clinics in Budapest, but it really stands out with the facilities that patients need. First of all, the clinic offers various packages for check-ups, some even include return flights for the patient. Our sales department will help the patient from the very first steps, including organising travel, accommodation and even laboratory tests if required. The clinic has extensive experience with dental tourists, so the team of doctors, assistants, front and back office colleagues all work together with fast-paced precision, knowing that time is important but the end result must be of high quality. I should add that most members of the team are fluent in English and German, so there will be no language barrier in meeting your requirements.

The clinic is well-equipped with X-ray and CT equipment, and even has the necessary equipment for general anaesthesia procedures. Our medical team, including the lead surgeon and the anaesthetists, are highly trained, so patients can be sure that procedures are carried out quickly but with great precision.

Evergreen Dental is the best choice if:

  • Someone wants to make sure that their treatment is assisted from the moment they arrive in person at the clinic to the end result
  • Get high quality results at a reasonable price 
  • Treatment is carried out by professional, highly qualified and experienced doctors
  • You want to have your treatment in a well-equipped and pleasant environment
  • You have limited time to stay in the country

If you are looking for a dental treatment in Budapest, please feel free to contact us for details and our team will be happy to provide you with a personalized response to your problem and guide you through the procedure.

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