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Dental travel management

At Evergreen Dental we provide a full travel management service to ensure a seamless experience. If you are planning a dental trip to Budapest, Hungary, you do not have to worry about anything. Our colleague at the travel management department will take care of it.


This includes researching the best available flight/train solution, free transfer from/to the airport and booking an accommodation for your stay. The wide range of our partner hotels enable us to serve all the levels and wishes from top category hotels to local apartments at a very good price.  Based on our many years of experiences, we are familiar with the incoming flights from Europe to choose the best airport to fly from and the best time based on your dental treatment plan. We can keep you updated on all the eventual travel restrictions and help through if your flight got cancelled or delayed.

If you wish any tips on what to do in Budapest, we are here to find the best program for your interest. In many cases, we can even offer it at a discounted price.

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