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Dental treatment abroad

Getting dental treatment abroad is a more and more popular thing to do as by now many patients have experienced the advantages of visiting a dentist abroad.

Many patients choose for dental crowns or surgery including cheap dental implants abroad as at least the same quality is available for significantly less money.

The savings typically range from 50 to 60% despite the travel costs. If you are looking for the some of the best dentists abroad get in touch with Evergreen Dental.


Szájsebész, főorvos
Dr. Attila SIMAYLead clinician, Oral Surgeon and implantologist

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    Budapest, Hungary

    Hungarians are known as welcoming, friendly people with a good sense of humour.  This is also the general feedback we receive from our patients after their stay in Hungary.  Despite Budapest being a metropolis with a population of over 2 million, people are usually very helpful.

    Hungarian people are very proud of their culture and heritage and they love to give insight to interested visitors.  If you are lost on the streets, need directions or help, don’t hesitate to ask for information; people will be happy to assist you.  A lot of Hungarians speak foreign languages, and with English being particularly popular, you shouldn’t have problems with communication.  The Hungarian language is very interesting and you might find that it sounds more unusual than other European languages.

    Besides being the capital of dental tourism, Budapest has a lot more to offer.  Hungarian culture, architecture, gastronomy and wellness also attract a lot of tourists.  If you are the kind of person who likes to be amongst the locals, you will not be disappointed.

    Travel arrangement

    Budapest has proved to be the best place for dental tourism, 41% from Western Europe decide for a Hungarian dental travel. Evergreen Dental is a full-service provider for dental tourism Hungary. Enjoy our dental tourism packages when you decide for dental holiday in Budapest. We can arrange your flight and hotel and lower rates and offer a free dental travel pick up service.


    We have a large variety of partnering hotels and an own apartments to offer as accommodation in Budapest. Our partner hotels can be booked through us at a lower rate.

    Full comfort

    In booking this you have the comfort of being picked up every time at the hotel reception and are taken back after each treatment (for extra fee). The driver waits for you in case of delays so you can concentrate fully on the treatment. Alternely you can use public transportation it is very easy and safe. Our clinic is located on the best spot very easy reachable with tram, bus or subway. 

    Holiday with new teeth

    Dental tourism is the combination of getting dental work done and enjoying an unforgettable holiday at the same time. The best place for a dental travel has proven to be Hungary as 41% of dental holidays are spent here. Especially dental tourism Budapest has become very popular as Budapest has become a real tourist magnet thanks to its fascinating architecture, history, thermal baths, cultural values, gastro- and night-life offers. Some clinics offer very economically priced dental holiday packages. Evergreen Dental is a full-service provider not only taking care of the professional dental treatment but also arranging your trip. Get in touch with our friendly and professional team and we will guide you all the way to your new smile.

    Your benefits

    • 60% savings on average
    • Prompt appointment
    • Fast process to your new smile
    • Top expertise
    • Exclusive care
    • Enjoy tourism in one of the best cities of Europe
    Budapest panorama