Bar-supported denture

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What is a bar-supported removable denture exactly?

It is basically a removable bridge that attaches to 4 implants. The implants are located on both sides of each tooth position 2 (incisor) and 4 (premolars), so let the critical molar positions 5 and 6 are not involved. The implants are connected by a metal element, and the denture is fastened on that bar, allowing a very strong hold.

The bar-supported denture is the optimal compromise solution when

  • In the rear area no sinus lift is possible or desirable
  • The patient wants to afford only 4 implants
  • The patient wants an optimal removable solution
  • The patient wants to get the final solution faster

The advantages of the bar-supported denture at a glance:

The bar-supported prosthesis offers almost everything as a fixed bridge, but is removable.

  • Only four implants necessary
  • Can also be made at the back of bone loss
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to repair
  • Functionally almost like fixed teeth
  • Very comfortable, no palate plate
  • Aesthetically very high quality
  • Costs about half of a stuck solution


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