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What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is an artificial root placed instead of lost teeth with the function of carrying a dental work. The material of a dental implant is usually clean, unalloyed titanium. Even in case of an allergy towards metal one shouldn’t worry as titanium is fully accepted by the human body.

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A splendid smile reveals a healthy lifestyle. With a healthy, beautiful smile you can live full life. Charming, natural looking teeth makes us feel better. We can enjoy our favorite dishes. We can be perfectly confident where it really matters: at home, at work, during our free time, but first of all, when we look in the mirror. We may lose teeth in numerous ways, an accident or illness can be a cause, or it might be hereditary. Whatever the cause may be, a tooth loss will have a negative impact on our daily lives. We could become unable to enjoy our favorite foods we might lose our confident appearance, mirth and natural smile. Fortunately, today’s modern dentistry has numerous solutions for replacing damaged or missing teeth.


Before having implants an initial check-up must take place. At first a digital panoramic x-ray is being made in order to determine how many implants are needed. Afterwards it must be determined whether there is sufficient bone to place the implants. As the x-ray is just a 2D picture, a 3D CT scan is necessary to see the depth of the bone as well.
Further, only a CT scan allows a precise measurement of the bone substance which is necessary to choose the right implant size. Besides the bone situation also the general health status is playing a major role, as some factors can strongly influence the success of implantation. (e.g. Diabetes, heavy smoking).

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Our dentist team is very carefully selected. If you look for the best dentist team in Hungary Evergreen Dental is the right choice for you. All our medical specialists are experts of their fields who continually attend trainings to gain the latest knowledge in dentistry. The best quality materials are worth nothing if used improperly.



Planning of the dental work

When preparation is done and implantation is possible the later dentition to be fixed on the implants must be planned. That also determines the amount and size of implants needed and whether a temporary denture shall be made. During this phase you’ll have a clear picture on the whole therapy and related costs.


Implant insertion

The tooth implants are being placed under sterile circumstances, usually in local anaesthesia. For anxious patients we offer the treatment under general anaesthesia. After insertion we always make a control X-ray. After approximately 2-3 weeks the stitches dissolve.


After the implantation

It is a routine process and takes usually 15-20 minutes per implant. Immediately after the implantation a control X-ray is taken in order to see the position of the implants and to make sure they are fully covered by bone. After 2-3 weeks the stitches are either being removed or they dissolve.



After the insertion a healing period of usually 3 months (6-9 months in case of bone graft or sinus lift) must pass before final dental crown is being made.



The long-term success of an implant treatment is based on the proper hygienic measurements and regular, at least once a year controls.

Why Evergreen dental?

We offer best in class dental treatment using only some of the best materials available but at affordable prices. Patient satisfaction is our top priority therefore, we always strive to achieve an outstanding result both in function and aesthetics.  For us, the biggest achievement is if our patients are completely satisfied with the work we have done and recommend us to their family and friends.

As a result 95% and our patients are happy to recommend Evergreen Dental, almost one-third of our new patients are coming through recommendations.

The main aspects of their satisfaction from the feedback we gained from our patients are:

  • Efficient and effective communication from the first contact
  • High quality equipment and materials
  • Fair prices, excellent value for money
  • Easy communication in English with all staff
  • Precise travel organisation
  • Flexible and caring team
  • No hidden costs
  • Strong guarantee protection
  • Beautiful and central location
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Dr. Attila SIMAYLead clinician, Oral Surgeon and implantologist

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    How long does the implant take to work?

    After bone-integration of usually 3-6 months the implants can be loaded with the final dental work.


    We talk about a full restoration if at least half up to all teeth are missing and a large dental work is required in order to restore the chewing and speaking function. The advantage of a full restoration at Evergreen Dental is that these problems can be solved in a comparably short time with usually one or two visits only.

    Typically a patient comes first for the implants then for the final dental work. In case a bone graft is needed prior to the dental work an additional visit could be needed. On the other side everything can be done during one visit if no surgery is involved. Besides the big saving compared to the local dentist also the much shorter treatment time is a big advantage when having the full restoration done abroad.

    Do more than half of your teeth need restoration? Don’t wait any longer and have your teeth done completely in Budapest for a fair price. A full mouth restoration will allow you to powerfully bite and to laugh hearty.

    As in dentistry usually there are several solution possibilities in it is advisable to make a physical check-up at the clinic before entering a full restoration treatment. Evergreen Dental belives it is very important to us to get to know each other before starting a full restoration procedure in order to be able to evaluate the possibilities together and to find the best solution as this work will strongly influence the patient’s life comfort for the upcoming decades.

    Interested in what kind of implant systems we use?