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Dental implantation has brought radical changes in dental treatment. Now a routine procedure, the implantation of “artificial roots” provides a very durable and aesthetic solution to replace a missing tooth or teeth.

Based on scientific evidence over the past 30 years, dental implants have become the first treatment option for tooth loss. Plus, the development of new regeneration materials and exciting advances in digital technology mean that dental implants can now be used for any patient with any condition.

Which one to choose?

There are hundreds of implant companies in the world and even dozens of systems are marketed internationally. To meet our patients’ needs to the maximum, we work with two of the world market leading brand implants in our clinic: Megagen and Nobel Biocare.

Why choose the dental implant MEGAGEN?

MegaGen’s mission is to put a happy smile on the face of everyone in the world! Since its foundation in 2002, Megagen has been dedicated to providing innovative, high-quality products to support dental professionals. Their implants are recognised worldwide as leaders in their category. Through continuous research and development, Megagen Implant Co. has now developed more than 2,000 dental implants. The world-leading AnyRidge implant system has proven to be groundbreaking after its introduction in 2009 thanks to its excellent results.


  • Excellent primary stability (easy to fix) even with the weakest bone density (so bone replacement is not necessarily necessary). Ideally, the final crown can be prepared and transferred after 2 months.
  • Thanks to its special design, it is more likely to be inserted at the same time as a tooth extraction.
  • Thanks to the magic pentagonal (5°) internal connection, the inserted implant minimizes the possibility of loosening of the screw or crown.
  • Instead of 10-18 months treatment time, 4-6 months are sufficient to place the implants in the correct bone structure and to prepare and transfer the crowns.


  • Patient friendly
  • Minimally invasive surgery with less pain
  • Shorter healing time
  • Better esthetic results
Dental implant model

Why choose the dental implant system NOBEL BIOCARE?


The Nobel implant family, a popular implant among implantologists because it can be safely implanted even in cases of poor bone supply. Nobel implants are in use in more than 80 countries around the world. A classic solution for All-on-4, with a success rate of 96.4% even after 10 years.


The NobelParallel Conical Connection implant is a new member of the world’s most famous implant family. This implant is characterised by its tapered connection and simple design. This is of value to you because it offers you the flexibility to create personalised implant restorations. The implant’s unique design provides outstanding primary stability, ensuring that this implant will be with you for decades or even a lifetime. Another positive feature is that the wide range of sizes available allows the implant to adapt to the quality of your bone.


All-on-4™ dental implants solution is a very efficient technique developed by Nobel Biocare allowing a fixed bridge on only 4 implants in both upper and lower jaw.  All-on-4™ grants a long-lasting aesthetic solution through a safe fixed anchoring. This allows even patients with less bone a wonderful smile.

As only four implants are needed, the treatment time will be shorter. All-on-4™ provides a higher stability in the bone and avoids additional operations such us bone augmentation and sinus lift. After the placement of the implants your dentist makes a removable temporary bridge in 5 days to avoid being toothless during the healing time. The teeth of the All-on-4™ bridge are very much like real teeth both in function and aesthetics. Therefore one can eat and speak normally with them. After three months of healing time the dentist can fix the permanent bridge which is usually screwed instead of being cemented. The meals can be enjoyed again it’s possible to chew normally and to feel the tastes properly. It allows a life just like having the original teeth.


  • fixed teeth on only 4 implants (other fixed solutions require at least six teeth) with a natural look and feeling
  • uncovered gum allowing the sense of tastes
  • stable bite power allowing the consumption of every type of food
  • reduces the hollowness of the cheeks ensuring a younger appearance
  • no need to daily remove a denture or to use contact adhesive
  • allows a fixed solution even if the bone situation is worse
  • easiest fixed solution for toothless patients

As one of the leading companies for innovative dental solutions Nobel Biocare has developed the All-on-4 ™ Technique. It was developed together with one of the most known European implantation professor Dr. Paulo Malo. An extensive clinical study lead to this procedure how to make a fixed solution with less implants and allowing at the same time a natural and permanent smile for toothless patients and all that within a short time.

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    Several implants with crowns / bridges

    Implants are capable of carrying larger dental works, not only single crowns. Two or more implants carrying at least 3 teeth (crowns) is called a dental bridge. For instance a gap of three or four missing teeth can be replaced with two implants and a 3 or 4-part bridge.

    Depending on the situation a combination of single implants and crowns and several implants with bridge can be done. The implant bridge can either be made of porcelain-fused to metal or metal-free full Zirconia ceramic.

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