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Teeth whitening but in a smart way

All those who have already tried whitening the teeth know that even the improvement by a few shades can make a very positive change for a person. That can already be another reason to smile. But what is the secret of the blinding white teeth and how can a long-term effect be achieved? We’ll find out!


Meals and drinks. In case the teeth discolor we should always first suspect our favorite meals and drinks as usually they are the main culprits. Red, sour fruit drinks, cola, strong brewed coffee and tea certainly mark our teeth when consuming too much of them. But also colorful meals are no friends with the white teeth especially when being artificial.

Medicine. Not many think about it even though it happens that the discoloration is caused by a medicine or a product with a healing effect. In this topic we should always consult our dentist as this side-effect is seldom provided on the packing.

Cigarettes. Cigarettes won’t use our teeth either besides having many other damaging effects. Nicotine and tar create resistant tartar also damaging the color of the teeth. Another reason to quit smoking!

Tooth grinding. When grinding the teeth permanent micro damages are caused to the teeth leading to discoloration. As we typically grind our teeth in stress situations stress-solving actions like meditation or sport can be our help besides a protecting splint.


It doesn’t play a role whether our teeth are white by origin or by whitening we should anyway watch out for their color in case we have that demand. The question is how it can be best done.

It is very helpful if the above mentioned indicators like colorful meals and drinks or the amount of smoked cigarettes can be reduced especially after a whitening.

It doesn’t even have to be mentioned that with the daily hygienic much can be done in favor. The surface of regularly cleaned teeth makes it very difficult for pollution to settle on it. Thereby it is very important that after the consumption of sour meals and drinks (e.g. orange, red wine, drinks with carbohydrate) we wait with brushing the teeth and only flush out first with water in the first half an hour. The acids get in reaction with the enamel and make it’s surface more sensitive. The rubbing in this condition can damage the enamel.

Also watch out for the strength of the toothbrush. The best is to choose a toothbrush with medium hardness in case of having sensitive teeth a more soft one should be used. With this and with in in-aggressive rubbing the enamel loss can be prevented. In case of wipe-down the color of our teeth will much more look like dentin, the yellow surface underneath the enamel.


The specialist at Evergreen Dental clinic in Budapest usually don’t advise to use the home teeth whitening practices. As it is a rather complicated chemical process an unprofessional whitening can damage more as it helps. In the best case discoloration and pollution can be removed on the one hand but on the other hand the drastic of home methods can cause the thinning of the enamel. That not only can lead to sensitivity and gum damage but also be an indicator of later gum diseases. Further the home used active components usually have a low concentration and therefore operate slower. The best and most convenient way is to let an expert do the whitening.

It is a general misbelief that the whitening by a dentist damages the dental substance. In case of a professional and careful treatment this will not happen. Also the dentist is always considering the individual conditions and defines the concentrate of the active agents accordingly. After the treatment the tooth surface will be flatter and harder which allows an easier cleaning.

The professional teeth whitening usually starts with the removal of tartar and with the polishing of the teeth. In order to achieve the best possible effect sometimes additional treatments are done beforehand as whitening is negative for damaged or problematic teeth. Many times it is advisable to have eventual fillings or tooth replacements replaced beforehand as these will not whiten during the process and will differ in terms of color from the other teeth.

At Evergreen Dental we use LED technology for tooth whitening allowing a whitening by up to 8-9 shades in one session.

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