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Root canal treatment

During a root canal treatment, the tooth interior, the so-called vital pulp is removed, so that the tooth is virtually dead, but so often the inflammation can be eliminated and the tooth can be obtained. The pulp is removed using special needles and the canal containing the pulp is thoroughly cleaned. The thoroughness of the treatment is very much related to the long-term success of the root canal treatment, because the canal must be fully cleaned on the one hand and very precisely sealed.
For this procedure, the dentist has various state-of-the-art equipment available. The diagnosis is made by small X-rays of the affected tooth, in justified cases even 3D C-scans are taken. To measure the parameters of the canal, the dentist can use an apex locator, during the procedure the dentist can use a magnifying glass or a microscope to do the very detailed work.
After the pulp has been removed, a medical irrigation is first made and the canal is filled either provisionally or definitively with root filling material. Often only provisionally filled in the first place because this way the dentist can check after a few weeks, how the tooth has responded to the medical care. If necessary, this process can then be repeated, often several times before the dentist brings in the definitive filling.