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Dental Bridge

In case a tooth is extensively damaged or crooked but other than that the root is good, there is no inflammation and therefore can be kept then the tooth is being covered by a dental root canal crown. With crowns and bridges we can imitate the real teeth perfectly so that even experienced eyes might not see the difference between original and fake. Crowns and bridges are mainly made out of ceramic fused to metal or of full ceramic.

We talk about a dental bridge if one or more gaps are treated with a prosthetic solution instead of placing an implant. A bridge consists always of at least three parts and tides over the gap by being attached on the two neighbouring teeth that are the pillars or on two or more implants having the same function as a natural root. Then we talk about a dental implant bridge 

The elements of a bridge are also crowns and almost all crowns and bridges are made of metal with ceramic lining or of full ceramic (Zircon ceramic).