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Dental tourism – From A to Z

Dental tourism is no longer an unknown term, but many do not know exactly how it goes, do not have an exact answer to why it’s really worth it and how it can work, even though they might have already played with the idea to receive dental treatment in Hungary. Of course it is a very difficult decision to travel to a foreign country for dental care – many question marks in the head, anxiety, insecurity – do I really make no mistake about it?

Let’s see in detail what a trip like this looks like: from the first step to aftercare.


You sit at home, browsing through the Internet and get many offers if you have at least once searched in Google about dental tourism. Incredible price proposals, happy patients everywhere and all this should be even painless. Sounds really good, but you are entitled to ask if that can really be true. How can you find out? We know that there are examples on the Internet for everything. So the best decision is to use the callback option and ask the questions directly to those who are involved. In worst case you have to spend a few minutes digging, put down the phone and at least won’t have thoughts about dental tourism in the future. But what if your interest was awaken? Despite a telephone conversation, you might feel still pretty insecure.


The second step depends on you. There is the one who thinks “I’m not just going to fly to a foreign country, I’d like to know what the whole thing would cost”. For these persons, it is possible to send the Hungarian clinic either an X-ray taken in your country, or a treatment and cost plan from your country. As a rule you will then receive an offer within 24 hours. Hmm pretty fast .. and you can decide whether to stay on the path in dental tourism or not.

But of course there are those who say: “First and foremost I want to see and experience the clinic, the team and everything around it with my own eyes”. For these people, there is then the popular dental consultation package. Such a package includes the flight to Hungary, an overnight stay, pick-up from the airport, a panoramic x-ray, a very detailed preliminary discussion with the dentist and a treatment and cost plan. Sounds very good, the journey itself is being organized by the team of the clinic. You just have to come up with a desired date and everything else will be done. Consultation package with flight ticket costs 350 € at Evergreen Dental. 

If you get the feeling “dental tourism is not for me”, in the worst case you experienced one day Budapest, one of the most popular travel destinations in Europe. So you can’t make a big mistake.

If the clinic and the team have convinced you during the dental check, then it can start with the dental treatment. But how?


Of course you don’t want to travel abroad due to a filling or root canal treatment (although some patients do that too). Aesthetic dental treatments, such as e.g. Veneers or Crowns are worth it, but most of the patients choose the dental trip because of prosthetic work, implants or complicated bone augmentation procedures.

Let’s take a look what a dental trip for dental implants is like:

As mentioned, the dentist first discusses everything in detail, after which the implantation is made in 2-3 days. If a temporary solution is desired, it will take another 1-2 days extra, which is 4-5 days in total. After this first treatment you are allowed to fly home and await the healing period of about 3-6 months. Then you fly back to Budapest, where now on the implants the final dentures are attached. This takes 5-10 working days (depend on how many items it has). All in all about 2 weeks, which is often the reason why many choose this option – much faster than at home.

Most problems are solved with 2 arrivals. The nice thing is that you can even have fun during the dental trip. The staff of your clinic will be your local friends, who help you organize your stay. For example at Evergreen Dental we offer sightseeing bus tours for reduced price.


Once you take the first step and get in touch you will find out how incomplicated dental tourism is. So why not save on your dental care when you receive the same quality and even extended guarantee times? Go ahead and find out ☺

Do not hesitate to contact us!

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